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Growing Aikido professionally in a collaborative way. Empowering teachers and managers. Facilitating opportunities for dojos. 



Our Mission

Most Aikido teachers are not trained business managers, marketers, or educators. Most of us just love to practice Aikido and somehow we ended up leading a dojo or club.  We moved, our sensei moved, our sensei passed away…  Now you know your Aikido and you know how to teach Aikido, but how do you successfully run a successful dojo?  We can help.

Our mission is to collectively encourage the growth of Aikido via sharing best practices to foster the success of Aikido clubs and dojo. 

We welcome all those who share our passion for Aikido and our commitment to excellence to join our membership organization: Providing educational material and professional development opportunities for all who are interested in teaching Aikido and expertly running dojos.

What You’ll Get

Learn best practices in running a dojo and relating to your students and stakeholders. Enhance your professional and personal development.  Learn how to do more with less. A forum for asking questions and for posting your own info.

“Heaven is right where you are and that is the place to train.” O-Sensei

Build Community by adding new students to  your dojo, being more visible in your local area, and connected to the whole Aikido community. Be part of a growing movement of connective, collaborative culture that focuses on best practices.

“The Art of Aikido is medicine for a sick world…make the world one family.” O-Sensei

Make new friends & enrich existing friendships to develop a stronger support base for you as a dojo leader. Offer or receive mentoring and collaborations. Empower, support, and encourage each other. Remember that we are in this together.


What is Your Motivation?

What is Your Motivation?

The first and most important thing you must ask yourself “Why do I want to teach Aikido?”  There are many potential answers: I am a great Aikidoist and I want to impress many people I am a good teacher and I want to educate many people I am a good businessperson and I...

Client-Centered Aikido

Client-Centered Aikido

I have been successful applying a psychotherapeutic concept as a guiding force in how I run our dojo.  The concept of “client-centered” or “person-centered” is attributed to Carl Rogers.  Roger (1986) stated “it is that the individual has within himself or herself...

Aikido Fosters Personal Growth

Aikido Fosters Personal Growth

Aikido is too good to be kept a secret.  This is the title of my unpublished book.  Time and again I have seen how Aikido can be a transformative tool for people and a solid developmental platform for youths.


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